Tips to Build Your Self-Confidence

Professional or personal success and self confidence are the undisputed definers of achievement. Let us take some day to day examples. How convincing will be a nervous salesperson? Still worse, how believable are the prescriptions of a shaky doctor, even if she or he is correct? If you are weak, then despite being right, the others mostly perceive you with doubt. Anyone radiating confidence definitely is able to build his or her credibility faster and better. People look up to such people for the certainty they exude. Irrespective of the facts, confident people are able to influence even others opinions. Then, is it not easy for confident people to be assertive? It is.

Here are some tips to build your self esteem and belief.

Give a damn what others think about you
Most people develop baseless inhibitions simply because they are shy of what others would make out of them. Do you come across situations where you swallow your words or stop giving your opinions just because you think that would make you sound stupid? Have you sacrificed your instinct of dancing at a party because you did not want to look funny? If yes, then don't you think you stand more in loss to yourself? Value yourself. You are worth it. You deserve it. Honor what you want as long as you are not hurting someone else directly. Having said that, do not ignore the constructive feedback you get.

SWOT analysis
This may be a marketing jargon, but is applicable to an individual as well. It stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Honestly analyze yourself on these 4 gradients. Dig your strong and weak areas. Boast your strengths, while humbly admitting your weaknesses too. Decide the areas you would like to improve next. Set small targets. For e.g., if you think, verbal communication is not your strength, target that, and consciously work towards it.

It all begins in your mind
To look confident, have faith in your thoughts. Think of all the good things you have achieved. Do not dwell on failures. If you think about good things happening to you, they will happen eventually. On the other hand, if you keep focusing on the possibility of bad outcomes, in all likelihood, they too will happen. Think positive and believe. Shun all the negativity. If you are able to do it honestly, you will start feeling confident.

Be open and discuss with your loved ones
People close to you can give you honest feedback. Discuss your problems with the ones you trust. Get to the root of the problem. Introspect and talk to the ones worthy enough.

Work on your communication skills
A good part of being confident is being able to communicate your thoughts effectively and with ease. Work on the way you talk and deal with people. Be clear in your head, speech, and action. Live by your beliefs & learning. Now, smile, relax, and enjoy the things happening around you.

Present yourself crisply
Dress up appropriately. Pamper yourself with the picks (clothes or accessories) of your choice. Be it that fashionable shirt, trendy shoes, smart skirt, or sexy lingerie. Knowing how well you fit into your desired clothes & accessories adds to that feel good factor.
Last but not the least, keep trying.


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