Tips to Choose The Safe Crib Bedding For Your Baby

If it is 'the' time in your life to create your baby’s nursery, you must arrange a cozy, safe, and an aesthetic one. On the safety index, prioritize the right crib bedding for your child.

Crib mobility is of paramount importance as you can keep it close to you, even when outdoors. When picking a mobile or fixed crib, ensure its safety compliance.

Some Safety Tips for Baby Crib and Bedding

  • The crib must not have sharp edges and loose parts.
  • The latches of a portable crib must fix properly when assembling it.
  • Crib bedding set usually has a pillow, a blanket, sheets, and a skirting for the crib. This is all you can safely use.
  • The bedding must be anti-allergic and must fit well in the crib. Organic bedding is a perfect choice but it must be comfortable for the baby to snuggle in.
  • Mattresses built of natural fibers are best for the baby’s delicate health and skin.
  • Never opt for additional loose cushioning in the crib.
  • For maintenance, wash the bedding linen every alternate day and use a disinfectant to wipe the crib for making it aseptic.
After the crib, you can explore the nursery's visual appeal. You can go for vibrant attractive colors and the themes like cartoons, flowers, or jungle. Match the nursery theme with the right curtains, wall paint, and decals.

                         -Tina Bhattacharjee, Writer, The Syntax Systems


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