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Deep Tech Investments-A Rising Graph

Deep Technology involves using multidisciplinary or cross-sector existing or new advanced technology to find innovative and effective solutions (as product/service) to solve people’s life problems (social, environmental, healthcare, etc). Unlike shallow tech, deep tech is not about developing or improving technology. With so much promise to improve life, let’s see how the deep tech industry is evolving. Global Deep Tech Investment Scenario (March 11, 2021  BCG report ) Deep tech investments (including private investments, minority stakes, mergers & acquisitions, and IPOs) across the world, quadrupled from $15 billion in 2016 to over $60 billion in 2020. USA, China, Europe, Israel, India are some economies working significantly on the deep tech niche. The investments are growing by leaps and bounds with the USA leading the deep tech development & investment, globally.    2016-20: Growth in Deep Tech Global Investment (Data (May 2021: BCG , Image: TSS , India) Top 7 Deep Tech S

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