Tips for Choosing the Right Crib Bedding for Your Baby

The babies need sound sleep to grow and develop healthily. A stable & rejuvenating environment and comfortable bedding aptly address this need. Your bundle of joy deserves the best and the market helps you provide that to him or her. Apart from cute and eye-catching designs and patterns, you get a wide variety in the fabric as well. The infants are vulnerable to Sudden Infants Death Syndrome (SIDS). Therefore, a safety compliant crib, a well fitting mattress, crib sheet, and a blanket, are the only bedding units the National Institutes of Child Health (NICHD) recommends.

Here are a few helpful shopping tips to help you zero upon perfect crib bedding for your baby. Some features you should look out for are:
  • Preferred Fibers: The experts consider organically grown cotton and bamboo as the most subtle and the safest fibers for babies. Avoid synthetic material, as it is harsh for the sensitive baby skin. It can even lead to rashes and infections.
  • Washable: The Little ones tend to make little messes in their cribs. Therefore, make sure the crib bedding you buy is easily washable. It is best if the bedding is machine washable. Hand washing them may not clean them well and may be tiring. Cotton is easy to wash and dry. It lasts long as well.
  • Durable: Since, you will need to frequently wash the bedding, it is wise to get at least 2 durable sets. Make sure you prefer quality to cost.
  • Soft: A baby's skin is very sensitive and even slight roughness can damage it. Accordingly, make sure the bedding material is soft and gentle. In addition, the kids find light and soft material comforting. Accordingly, organic cotton is the most preferred fabric for the little ones.
  • Allergy-Free: Besides being environment friendly, the organic material is good for the baby skin as well. It causes no rashes, allergies, and infections.
  • Nontoxic: When choosing the crib bedding, make sure the fabric is free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and dyes. The babies are very sensitive to any such exposure. Again, organically grown fibers and safely processed fabrics are the best option here.
  • Snug Fitting Crib Mattress: Buy a firm crib mattress with a waterproof covering (PVC, flannel, rubber, or plastic) for durability and protection from germs. Although most crib mattresses come in a standard size, still you must double check that the one you choose fits snugly in the crib. There should not be any space between the crib edges and the mattress. Else, the child may suffocate himself or herself by pressing against the gap. You should be able to tuck the crib sheet easily below the mattress.
  • Well Fit Crib Sheet: Crib Sheets help provide a smooth surface for the baby's skin. Make sure the sheets are big enough. Their sides should tuck well under the mattress so that they do not come off loose.
  • Blankets: Made of wool, polyester fleece, or cotton, baby blankets help provide the right temperature to your little one. The polyester fleece is good for the outdoors.


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