Scope of Digital Marketing in India

Quora Question: Does digital marketing have any scope? What is the salary for this?

Digital Marketing Scope in India
Our Answer: Yes, it does. In fact, its one profile, the businesses presently bank a lot on.

The salary depends on your experience, the organization, and the city you work in. Its an efforts intensive job requiring analytical skills and creativity too. So, your pay is also driven by your niche specialty: SEO, SMM, Adsense, Content Marketing, etc.
Since you have asked for a basic salary, so I am presuming you are a fresher. The salaries I am giving you an idea of are according to Metros, specifically Delhi NCR. A micro organization or a bootstrapped startup pays around 12-18k per month, while a medium sized company usually pays around 18–25k, and a large company pays anywhere between 25–30k.
Since the results of digital marketing are quite measurable, your performance can be well assessed and accordingly your market value varies. Good luck! (


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