Last Letter of Captain Vijayant Thapar - A Kargil War Hero of 1999

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Before going to war, Captain Vijayant Thapar, a Kargil War Martyr, wrote a letter to his family. A letter from which shines a son, a lover, a responsible citizen, and of course a brave army man. We are attaching here the pics of his this last letter, which should be read in his handwriting only, as they will convey the emotions the best. 

About Captain Thapar:
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Born in a family of three generations of defense officers, Vijayant's patriotism and warm heart were a natural legacy. Trained at Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun, this 22-year old young, valiant Lieutenant of high integrity belonged to 2 Rajasthan Rifles and Kargil was his first posting. During his stint, he supported a Kashmiri girl Rukhsana, who is now a young woman full of gratitude for Vijayant. Rukhsana had lost her voice in shock when the militants killed her father in front of her. Vijayant's affection and encouragement worked and Rukhsana started speaking. In his last letter too Vijayant mentioned about supporting her even after his death. 

Captaining his brigade during Kargil War and capturing Tololing, on the night of June 28, 1999, as a part of Operation Vijay, he set out to reclaim the 3 pimples. A disadvantageous terrain, in full view & firing of the Pakistani (enemies) at the top, several soldiers were martyred. Angry Vijayant fought hard with bullets & even abuses with enemy just 15 meters away for some 1.5 hours. To give it a decisive end, the brave heart moved ahead, with a bullet hitting his head. Captain Vijayant Thapar breathed his last. Total 17 soldiers and 2 more officers were martyred in this operation.

Not just his Sector-29 residence in NOIDA, but the whole city mourned this precious life lost. The road leading to his home was named Captain Vijayant Thapar Marg. He was awarded Vir Chakra posthumously. 

These sacrifices demand all the more civic responsibility & integrity from the citizens. The lay down their lives for India they presume. We need to live up to their aspirations and build a nation they want to see. We should be worth sacrificing life for, if at all. Its conscience calling.  

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