How Content Marketing Services Help Get More Customers?

Quora Question: How can content marketing services help you get more customers?
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Content strategy is a field that goes far & wide in its type and reach. It depends on numerous factors and striking their right mix. Still, I will try to give you a broad overview. Content marketing is a long term strategy, focusing more on building brand awareness & loyalty through customer engagement and relationship building thereof. It dwells on conveying information ‘useful’ for the target market, while staying aligned to your business’ objectives. The effectiveness is further contingent on why, how, when, and where to convey it, in that order. The answers to these lie on your customer’s information accessing pattern, like time, type of info. browsed, medium (mobile/web), platform (blog, social media, etc), etc. Demographics help categorize the customers more specifically. Basically, to answer ‘how’ content marketing helps get more customers, so I reiterate, while benefiting your business goal, your content must ‘address’ some need of your customer, expressed or hinted for ideally within first 7 words, irrespective of the medium/vehicle involved. Thats round 1. The effectiveness of round 2 and further of content marketing depends on how well your product/services measure up to the promise the round 1 of your content made. ( [Forum Handling]


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