That Morning Cuppa!

I have always been a morning person. Even as a student, I preferred waking up very early to finish my studies rather than staying up late. Of course, I suffered like this only during exams when I needed to give that extra zing to my preparations. Of all this misery, the one 'fond' memory I cling to of waking up, at whatever time, is of my mother bringing me a glass of hot milk in bed. That luxury lasted until I was in my mid-teens. There, I unfortunately had grown old enough to feel guilty about my mother having to wake me up with a glass of milk. It was sometimes as early as 4:00 AM. To keep my mom off all the trouble, I plundered her alarm clock and started using it. But, I still got my glass of milk in bed, although now it was when she woke up. This was a win-win!

After finishing my studies, I left home to get my first bite of independence – my career. Enthusiastically busy managing my life, I rarely missed that glass of milk. I could wake up, go to the office, and have a cup of tea or coffee. No problem! After just a couple of years of free driving, I got married. It's been four years and that 'once fond' first cup of milk turned tea has become a necessary sweet thorn right at the start of my day. Necessary, because it has become essential in order to remove the cobwebs of sleep; and let’s face it, I have to make it for my tea addicted husband! Sweet because of that irresistible blend of ginger, herbs, and spices with milk, tea, and sugar and the thorn is leaving the warmth & comfort of bed to all of the things in the world, make tea!

My brain grumbles that this will be the routine, if not forever, then at least for a very long time. Not to mention the envy I feel towards my 'still sleeping' husband serves to remind me of those days with my mother. Positions swapped of course now. Admittedly, it has taken me a very long time to truly appreciate my mother’s 'unconditional care' with a glass of milk. The first cup of milk, tea, or coffee, in bed, is definitely a bliss. The glory is brightest when it has the touch of pure love, which honestly flows only from parents (especially mom) to children.

My advice to me and all of you reading my strange rambling is to enjoy and appreciate those small joys of life. You never know when they stop being small and become lost luxuries!

                                                                       -Ishita Dasgupta, Writer, TSS


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