Our Daily Germ Destinations

Sometimes the things we want to avoid stare us right in our face. They mock us by being exactly where we least expect them and giving us the “boo!” The pains we have gone through to avoid germs and their ill effects would fill a chronicle at least as big as our collective history, but our paranoia of germs is yet to catch up with our knowledge to avoid them. For example did you know that the very tools used to clean germs are the tools which harbor maximum. Our “clean spots” are actually breeding grounds of these clever guys. Here is a run-down of a few items that might just be making you a professional breeder of germs.
  • Cleaning sponge (warm it up once a while to get it clean)
  • Bottom of ladies purse (try not setting it down on floor)
  • Men’s wallets
  • Make up case (use a disinfectant swipe)
  • Remote control (disinfectant swipes again)
  • Pillows and mattresses (use an impervious cover)
  • Refillable Soap Dispensers (use new ones)
  • Phones/PDA/Computer mouse/Desk Drawers/Car (use swipes liberally and keep them well aerated)
                                                                                                   -Piyush Das, ex-writer, TSS


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