Aloha! :)

While life brims at The Syntax Systems, we thought its time we take a break and create an 'uninhibited venting' space to let out all that touches us in anyway - good, bad, or ugly. The subjects will be boundless - Anything as in 'actually' anything. It will have tips, information, academic analysis, fact finding, opinions, prejudices, balanced views, story telling - basically all the flavors & levels of content. Therefore, apart from mainly the logical, sensible part, this space may contain several random corners, indecisive crossroads, and abrupt highs & lows from our team members. Thats the human angle of TSS - our moments as we grow from January 2013 onwards. We hope you enjoy, empathize, appreciate, love, hate, agree, or disagree with us over one thing or another. Just react (comment) and stay with us in our journey to our discovery and facing the facts. We will be able to understand each other better and there, the learning will follow. Many biases will unwind, many opinions will demolish, and hopefully the range of our mental radar will continue to evolve. Without any more elaboration, will begin the blog. Lets 'live, learn, and pass it on!' :)    

                                                   -By Rakhi Sinha, Founder & Director, The Syntax Systems      


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