Community Samvada Annual Editorial Meet 2017

Top Left to Right: Rakhi Sinha (Founder & CEO, The Syntax Systems) with Veenod Agarwal (Owner Community Samvad); Souvenir Card; Uruli Souvenir, Editors & the Marketing Team
The editors: Kiran (Left) and Rakhi Sinha (right)

Editors and the Marketing Team, Community Samvad

Rakhi Sinha, Founder & CEO, The Syntax Systems, is on board as the Editor of Sector-28, NOIDA edition of Community Samvada monthly magazine. She attended the Annual Editorial Meet of the magazine held on March 18, 2017 at Silver Oak, India Habitat Center (IHC), New Delhi, India. The meeting was beautifully conducted in a banquet hall with the editors sharing their experiences & journeys. Rakhi's association though is on a community service basis, but the profile offers a broad spectrum of experiences.  


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