Healthy Interaction at Smile Studio!

The Capital City witnessed a #fitness Sunday at 'Healthy Interaction' event Organized by Smile Studio (a multi specialty clinic), GK-1, New Delhi, India. The innovative #healthcamp facilitated interaction with the elite band of all its #medical specialists: #orthodontist Dr. Ekta Chadha (owner - Smile Studio), #cardiologistDr.Rajneesh Jain#physiotherapist Dr. Ridwana Sanam#dietician Kavita Devgan, and #naturalbeautyexpertSuparna Trikha. The experts impressed when they went extra miles and even extended free consultation & wrote prescriptions to the visitors. Free #bloodpressure #sugar and #lipidprofile tests with the state of the art equipment delivering accurate, instant results; #smilebooth for selfies; and sumptuous #brunch were the other highlights of this function. Despite being held on an early Sunday morning, the footfall was very encouraging and rightly so. That was not all. Every specialist has released very helpful and easy #healthtips for our readers. We will start posting them soon to give you a dedicated week on health awareness. Stay tuned to our blog: and find your way to #health with Smile Studio! Kavita Devgan, an ace dietitian and an expert at the clinic invited Rakhi Sinha, Founder & CEO, The Syntax Systems (Content and Related Services) for the event. (- TSS, FB Post)


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