Unraveling Industrial Design


In the present business dynamics, design is pivotal in bridging a user's handling of a product/service, its functionality, and looks (as applicable). The ergonomics catapults its efficiency potential and in turn its success. With every evolution of creativity, technology, and applied sciences, product innovation frequently witnesses a new dawn. Industrial design is one such type gaining ground in nearly all industries. The scope extends to brand building & promotion as well. Let us know more about this field.


It is a creative amalgamation of applied science and art to create an optimal utility product, while also ensuring its aesthetics. The design engineers work upon a product's two- or three-dimensional features, such as its shape, configuration, pattern, ornamentation, while complementing the ease of use, its functionality, and marketability.

Role of an industrial designer

Usually a certified engineer, he/she is responsible for planning, designing, and creating products, the consumers will love to use and own. The product structure should communicate its purpose, enhance its user experience, and work efficiently. Industrial designers brainstorm ideas and draw up sketches that would cater to the clients' and the end customers' needs. Afterwards, some prototypes are created and tested. Based on the results, the designs either are reworked or are given a go-ahead. Some well-known products thriving, particularly due to talented brains include Apple's iPod and the Mini Cooper.


Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Industrial Design (CAID) programs are the heroes of the show.


Industrial design is vital for a wide spectrum of sectors, including but not limited to:

- Home appliances

- Furniture

- Electronics

- Automobiles

- Medical equipment

- Sports gear & tools

- Construction and architecture


The following are some unprecedented creativity to meet the end customers' needs:

- Piaggio Vespa Scooter: Italian aeronautical engineer Corradino D'Ascanio drew heavy inspiration from the pre-World War II scooters and the Italian creativity to design the classic Vespa. The central spar was removed offering a sleek look and allowing the rider to step through the bike.

- Cipher Drinking Glass: This glass may look like a mosaic when empty, but as soon as any drink is poured in, the squares come together to spell the name of the drink. The brainchild of Serbian designer Damjan Stankovic, this unique and quirky product stunningly integrates creativity and utility even for everyday living.

- Plumen 001 light bulb: Who would have thought that the humble electric bulb would get a stylish makeover? This award-winning innovation by British Samuel Wilkinson has magnified and intertwined glass tubes, instead of the glass casing. Moreover, it consumes 80% less energy than any incandescent bulb, which makes it truly smart in structure.

The future prospects

Undoubtedly, the industrial design will continue to gain significance in product development and giving facelift to the existing ones. The mental soars give hope of products that are more ingenious, collaborating functionality & creativity with aesthetic. Science and art have coupled well for good!


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