Content Strategy with Dynamic Social Media Trends

Image: By Gerd Altman, Deutschland
Optimal media planning backed by engaging content are the keys to the digital socializing for profitability. And they 'are' the sustainable trends. Newer platforms are emerging and will continue to surface. Creativity and invention are at an all time high. So, what we see as trends today may be obsolete tomorrow. But, as long as we know how to communicate, social media strategies will generate a decent ROI. 

We can simply understand this with my "media communication" model. As per the company's objective, here is the process flow: Identifying: 'who to talk to'----> 'what to talk' ------> 'where to talk' ---------> 'how much to talk'-----> when to talk. As simple as it may sound, the trick is to do it right. Its an extremely fine balance and if gone wrong, the possibility of ROI will convert into sunk cost. 

Understand and remember, the basics of socializing shall stay the same - it will work towards developing a social community. The same fundamental rules of winning over a community apply!

                                                             - by Rakhi Sinha, Founder & CEO, The Syntax Systems, India


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