CNG - The Fuel of the Future

Why CNG?
Despite the phenomenal increase in the fuel prices, the sale of retail vehicles has risen as well due to the need to travel independently. In effect, apart from hitting the pocket hard, the emission of harmful gases and carbon from the traditional fuel continue to pose severe environmental threats. Alarmingly enough, the automobile emissions contribute to as much as 50% of air pollution in the world. CNG can rescue us significantly because of its following merits:
  • It is cheaper: CNG is much cheaper than the conventional fuel. Therefore, per kilometer travelling cost drops significantly with the use of CNG.
  • It is cleaner: CNG consists of mainly Methane and a small percentage of Ethane and Propane. The chemical composition makes it almost 100% combustible and the byproducts are Hydrogen and water vapor. In addition, it is the lowest emission fuel of all. It is in fact the cleanest fuel and contributes considerably in the conservation of the natural balance.
  • It is vehicle friendly: Due to no carbon release in CNG, the problem of carbon deposits on the parts of the engine is dramatically reduced. It also does not react sharply with the metal unlike gasoline. Because of this the automobile parts last long when run on CNG. All this, overall makes the vehicle durable and a low-maintenance one.
  • It delivers high performance: While the CNG converted vehicles deliver equal mileage as gasoline, the NGVs are slightly higher on efficiency. In addition, because of CNG's gaseous state unlike gasoline's liquid form, the vehicles have easy start and pick-up even in extreme weathers.
  • It is safer: CNG can be considered as one of the safest fuels. It is lighter than the air. Therefore, immediately after the release, it ascends to the higher layers of the atmosphere, thereby minimizing the chances of explosion.
What makes it the fuel of tomorrow?
The risk of running out with the fossil fuel is visible now. Many countries have started using CNG as the primary automobile fuel. The R&D wings are churning out refined and revised versions of CNG compatible engines with increasingly higher efficiency and performance. The dual combustion option of traditional fuel and CNG makes it easy to opt for the preferred mode. It is always better to foresee the future and be pro-active about the preventive steps.


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